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Expecting 60 billion won in sales this year with their apple-approved technology, Green Power Electronics have presented products such as the tempered glass screen protector glass at CES 2015 this year. They are currently focusing on wireless charging devices in order to expand their customer base to the global level.

CEO Jin-Seop Son has created a turmoil in the industry by increasing sales from 1.3 billion won in 2013 to 29.3 billion won in 2014. Green Power Electronics was established in July 2008, and has been producing various mobile accessories such as iPhone and iPod batteries, wireless chargers, tempered glass screen protectors ever since they signed an official contract with Apple in 2009.

60 billion won in sales this year, doubling their sales since the previous year

CEO Son said that their sales have reached around 2.5 times as the sales achieved same time last year. Son is expecting a total revenue of 50~60 billion won this year.

The continual development of technology and Son’s on site marketing has brought on a rapid growth of his company. By utilizing his business channels Son maintained from his previous job in a trade company, Son has successfully overcome his lack of an engineering background as a CEO. Attending exhibitions abroad is also an important part of Son’s business. Green Power Electronics has attended CES 2015, the world’s largest appliances exhibition, from the 6th to the 9th of January earlier this year in Las Vegas to present their tempered glass screen protector and the supplementary battery pack.

The time Son spends abroad to attend these events are almost as much as the time he spends in South Korea.

Son believes that attending these events abroad is much more effective in terms of exposure compared to staying in Korea trying to advertise globally. He added that these exhibitions are the prime location to meet buyers from many different countries, and is also a critical opportunity to actively promote his products.

The tempered glass screen protector that they presented during CES 2015 is made using Asahi glass. Strengths of this product includes scratch prevention, shock prevention and high sharpness. Green Power Electronics is also planning to launch a new line of protective screens using Corning Gorilla glass. Also known as the ‘Premium 3D glass’, this is to be used for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Corning Gorilla glass has around 7 times the durability of a typical tempered glass product, and is known to be one of the best quality glasses in the market.

Son explained that they have rounded the edges of the Premium 3D glass to enhance user’s grip, and that it has excellent scratch resistance while providing the same texture as the normal iPhone screen.

Green Power Electronics major sales occur from their Apple product lines, making up for 70% of their total sales. The remaining 30% of sales are distributed between Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony’s product lines.

Expanding customer base as a global company

Green Power Electronics has been recently diverting their focus from protective screens to supplementary battery packs and wireless charging devices. The iPhone supplementary battery pack, a genuine Apple certified product (MFI), earned the wireless authentication Qi. It comes with a built-in 590mAh battery with wired and wireless charging capabilities, data transfer function, a protective case and is compatible with the iPhone 6.

Wireless chargers are the company’s other focus. CEO Son said that he has been in contact with not only the smartphone industry, but also with the automobile industry in order to develop built-in wireless chargers in cars. He is currently negotiating with other industry leaders and is hoping for a visible result. He explained that if negotiations go smoothly, they are expecting a sales increase by tens of billion wons.

Green Power Electronics scored a license agreement with Apple in 2009 and began producing Apple accessories. They are focusing on the foreign market while producing locally. In 2013, they have also signed a manufacturing license to develop and produce new Apple product line-ups.

Source: Financial News, Young-hee Choi

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