Matte Rouge Lipstick

Trendy with party elegance and sophistication, ‘dark red’

Party Red


Cute and cuter than any other color, ‘Lovely Orange’

Lovely Lady


More attractive and passionate color than Red, ‘Charming Red Brown’

Charming Rouge


Sharp color as red and refined as orange. sensuous red orange

Proud Me


Natural warm color, Like Rose

Mellow Kiss


Breathtakingly sexy lips. Fatal Attraction ‘Chilli Red’

My Only


Natural Color with warm ‘Brick Orange’

Natural Sense


a shy, lovely color ‘Red Chilli’

Shy Romance


Marshmallow Velvet Tint

Intense but charming and sweet color, Warm brick Red, Shy 'Red Chilli'

Daily Sweet


Passionate Color, Unrivaled aura. 'Brown Red'

Cute Fresh


The King of Color that never seen before, 'Chilli Red'

Charming Rouge


The basic of pomegranates red color bearing the deep flavor of a red, 'Basic Red'

Mellow Sugar


The delicate harmony of warm bricks and wine color, 'Warm Wine Red'

Frensh Kiss


Consistent color like rose that dried for a long time 'Brown Orange'

Hot Rose


The Cute of Orange and the Naturality of Brown. My soul color, 'Soul Brown'

Soul Mate


A color not as burdensome as a dried bouquet of flowers. Tone downed 'Orange Pink'

Pretty Cake



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